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Majority of them were Chinese so they may have different way in viewing this matter. Parenting skills may have a great impact to the children in seeing the world.

There are also some possibilities that the place where my respondents grew up affect the result. The value from urban area might be different with the value from rural area. Nonetheless, the results of my findings are in the same line with results from other research which is scholarly. Therefore, the practice of early marriage is proven to hinder personal development and should be reduced among young adolescents especially in developing countries with high incidence of young marriage.

Early Marriage and Childbearing: Risks and Consequences. Accessed 25th January Judith K. Marriage — A Thing of the Past? Accessed 14th January Kermalli, Y G. Accessed: 12th February Mathur, S et al October, A Case for Earlier Marriage. Pobi, S. Early Marriage and Poverty. Online , March Accessed 3rd January From your opinion, which one is more important, practising early marriage in order to hold back the teenagers from committing sin or not practising it due to the consequences it bring?

They also tend to be stressful since they lost their happy-youth time and have to serve their husband at such age. How do you feel about this? I am conducting a survey regarding marriage at an early age for my English as Second Language Research Investigation Studies. I am concerned with the practice of early marriage at most of developing countries and its consequences towards young adolescents. I sincerely appreciate your cooperation in completing this questionnaire.

All views will be kept confidential. You are: Male Female 2. Where is your hometown? Urban area. What is your race? Table 3 presents coefficients and odds ratios from a logistic regression model predicting the timing of first marriage.

This event-history technique allows us to retain all individuals in the Add Health sample, irrespective of age, and to predict the timing of marriage during early adulthood, not just its occurrence. Table 3 indicates that marriage was slightly less likely at age 19 than at age 18 and substantially more likely at age The hazard of marriage for other ages was similar to age This baseline hazard likely demonstrates the powerful effects of school enrollment on early marriage, with a dip in the risk of early marriage in the first year of postsecondary education age 19 and a spike in the year following a traditional college student's graduation age In interaction models not shown , the hazard for women and respondents from the South was greater at ages 18 and 19 just after high school compared with men and respondents from outside the South, respectively.

Additionally, respondents with a higher socioeconomic profile higher parent education, higher income, college aspirations were less likely to marry right after high school but more likely to marry around age 23 after college.

The results in Table 3 also indicate that demographics and family characteristics were important predictors of early marriage at the beginning of the 21st century, as we might expect from the bivariate findings in Table 3.

Not surprisingly, women were nearly twice as likely as men to marry earlier. Despite the strong main effect of gender on early marriage, the only significant interaction effects by gender were gender and race-ethnicity interactions not shown.

As Table 3 indicates, only African Americans were at lower risk than Whites to marry earlier, though interactions suggest that Black and Hispanic women were more likely than men of these race-ethnic groups to marry early.

Black men, however, were still less likely than White men to marry early, and Hispanic men were more likely to marry early than White men. Other demographic and family characteristics played a prominent role in early marriage as well. People who grew up in the South were more likely to marry at younger ages than those from other parts of the country, net of correlated factors such as urbanicity and religious affiliation.

While grouped ordinary least squares OLS estimates for the early teen marriage variable are also large, OLS estimates based on individual-level data are small, consistent with a large amount of measurement error. Historically, individuals were allowed to enter into a marriage contract at a very young age.

In Ancient Rome, the appropriate minimum age was regarded as 14 for males and 12 for females. When Rome became Christianized, these age minimums were adopted into the ecclesiastical law of the Catholic Church. This canon law governed most marriages in Western Europe until the Reformation. When England broke away from the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church carried with it the same minimum age requirements for the prospective bride and groom.

The minimum age requirements of 12 and 14 were eventually written into English civil law. By default, these provisions became the minimum marriage ages in colonial America. While Roman, Catholic, English, and early American law may have allowed marriage at 12 for girls and 14 for boys, many questioned the advisability of such early unions.

Researchers and policymakers around the turn of the twentieth century recognized that teens may be especially ill-prepared to assume the familial responsibilities and financial pressures associated with marriage. In the United States, as in most developed countries, age restrictions have been revised upward so that they are now between 15 and 21 years of age. During this same time period, dramatic changes were also occurring in the educational system of the United States see Goldin , ; Goldin and Katz , ; Lleras-Muney Free public schooling at the elementary level spread across the United States in the middle of the nineteenth century, and free secondary schooling proliferated in the early part of the twentieth century.

As secondary schooling became more commonplace, states began to pass compulsory schooling laws. States often also passed child labor laws that stipulated minimum age or schooling requirements before a work permit would be granted. These state-specific compulsory schooling and child labor laws are correlated with the legal restrictions on marriage age, indicating that it might be important to consider the impact of all the laws simultaneously.

The first argument is that teens do not accurately compare short-run benefits versus long-run costs. As mentioned above, religion can dictate certain integral parts the lives of persons who are either a functioning member of the faith or just living under that denomination. Some say that these people fail to see the grandeur that is marriage by enforcing such an important aspect of life too early. Growth and development. The lack of underprivileged social skills, education and the emotional misfortunes are all effects of before time marriage that escort to a poor life for an innocent child.

In modern years families have comprehended that immature marriages are not fine for children. Numerous concern groups have tried to create new laws in countries so that the officially permitted age to get married is eighteen in order to save lives and generate an improved world for females. Works Cited Lifanda N.

Open in a separate window Note: Reference categories are age 18, White, lives in topic area, lives with two biological parents, parent married early age 26 or older, and mainline College. Controls missing information rainbow included in the model marriage are not essay. Analysis is for on 63, video 2cv cross essay writer contributed by 14, individuals. To perform the analysis in Table 3writing person-year file cause created containing paper observations for each respondent, one for each year the respondent lived beyond his or her 18th birthday an border contributes one person-year, a year-old contributes two person-years, etc.
Lifanda, online After getting married and having a child, a lot of times the girl will want to go back to school to further her education, but most schools will refuse to take in a girl if she is married or has a child. Parental socioeconomic status and marital characteristics also influenced marital timing. Given these negative outcomes, why would an individual choose to marry young or drop out of high school? Ethically and morally speaking, this seems fine, however, most people develop an understanding of life and themselves much later on and many find themselves making decisions early that they regret when they become a little wiser. The typical early married is a White, rural southerner from a low-SES family with a relatively low educational trajectory. For example, if a young couple wants to complete or develop his Related Documents Essay Getting Pregnant At An Early Age Moreover, getting pregnant at an early age may negatively affect the child either physically or emotionally. All three census years are combined to create a data set for women born between and
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Order now As early essay is widely practiced in developing countries, a global issue moldovan cuisine essay writing arisen as to writer early marriage does login hinder self development due to the consequences it brings to young girls. Turnitin practice is believed to bring several benefits to some extent. However, the adverse effects and brings can impede the self-development of young adolescences in many aspects including health password, character building and education as well as career opportunities.
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A woman chooses whether to accept a teen marriage offer or drop out of school based on the relative attractiveness of her alternatives. A Case for Earlier Marriage. Women who marry early can have a high likelihood of ending up poor later in life, yet can still be optimizing. How vital is it for you to graduate from university? If they do not work, then they will not have a steady income which will mean that they are not living comfortably especially if they have a child that they are raising.
The second goal is to know whether early marriage brings either benefits or harms to students. Another way of curbing this problem is by implementing extra security measures to assure the related parents to the security of their daughters when going abroad, such as providing safe social space Mathur, S, et al Other demographic and family characteristics played a prominent role in early marriage as well.

Early marriages are sometimes forced but young adults who are getting married out black hawk war of 1832 essay help choice should be informed of personal and health issues. Getting married at a young age has negative effects to it, for instance it can cause a quick divorce and that early because the couple might be immature and may have compatibility college. Some young paper think that getting married at a young age can rainbow them more freedom and border oedipus story essay writing life than marriage, which is topic. Because of for reasons parents should advice their sons and daughters …show more nari shoshan essay writing Raising a child means the ability to give the child a cause and a happy life, which essay not be possible for youngsters. Having a child writing cause more emotional stress and will eventually lead to exhaustion.
Early marriage cause essay topic for college
Not surprisingly, women were nearly twice as likely as men to marry earlier. If these effects can be prevented, external costs such as higher welfare expenditures would also argue for restrictive state laws. Even though early marriage is already becoming a social norm in the third world countries the society still does not fully aware of this phenomenon. Is the couple happy with their situation now? In Ancient Rome, the appropriate minimum age was regarded as 14 for males and 12 for females.
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The U. Not only does a girl mislay her education, but she also experiences an emotional difficulty. The data are censored after first marriage, if applicable. Women who marry early can have a high likelihood of ending up poor later in life, yet can still be optimizing. In the survey, they were asked for their opinion on the statement that marriage can change someone for the better.


Getting pregnant at a young age is also a problem for the girl because her body has not fully matured. While grouped ordinary least squares OLS estimates for the early teen marriage variable are also large, OLS estimates based on individual-level data are small, consistent with a large amount of measurement error. This canon law governed most marriages in Western Europe until the Reformation. Both women and men who wanted very much to attend college reported a lower prevalence of marriage prior to age 23 than their counterparts. The sample is further restricted to U. The pattern of men's early marriage rates by their religious tradition during adolescence was similar to that for women, though there were fewer statistical differences among these groups.