Essay on the vietnam war

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Essay on the vietnam war

Westmoreland In previous war, progress and setbacks could be shown on maps; large enemy units could be engaged and destroyed. Guerrilla warfare asymmetrical warfare does not permit such clear-cut data. Westmoreland with a thorny challenge: how to show the American people progress was being made.

Westmoreland adopted a search-and-destroy policy to find and engage the enemy and use superior firepower to destroy him. Every major engagement between U. The body count policy fell into disfavor and was not employed in future American wars; in Vietnam it led officers to inflate enemy casualties. The VC and NVA dragged off as many of their dead and wounded as possible, sometimes impressing villagers into performing this task during battles, so determining their casualties was guesswork based on such things as the number of blood trails.

On the other side, the same thing was occurring, with even more inflated numbers—vastly more. Both sides were fighting a war of attrition, so communist commanders sent Hanoi battle reports that often were pure fantasy.

Marines—near Van Truong, from the VC point of view. On February 7, , the U. Air Force began bombing selected sites in North Vietnam. This grew into the operation known as Rolling Thunder that began on March 2, , and continued to November 2, Its primary goal was to demoralize the North Vietnamese and diminish their manufacturing and transportation abilities.

An air war was the most that could be done north of the 17th parallel, because the use of ground troops had been ruled out. On July 9, , China had announced it would step in if the U. North Vietnamese officers, after the war, said the only thing they feared was an American-led invasion of the north, but the U. Tet—the Turning Point By the end of , there were , American troops in Vietnam, and the military draft was set to call up , young men in the coming year, an increase of 72, over But the war news was hopeful.

The South Vietnamese Army was showing improvement, winning 37 of their last 45 major engagements. American troops had won every major battle they fought, and General Nguyen Van Thieu had come to power in South Vietnam in September; he would remain in office until , bringing a new measure of stability to the government, though he could not end its endemic corruption. Antiwar protests continued across America and in many other countries, but on April 28, , Gen. Westmoreland became the first battlefield commander ever to address a joint session of Congress in wartime, and Time magazine named him Man of the Year.

In an interview he was asked if there was light at the end of the tunnel, and he responded that the U. They struck at least 30 provincial capitals and the major cities of Saigon and Hue.

American intelligence knew an attack was coming, though the Army had downplayed a New York Times report of large communist troop movements heading south. The VC was effectively finished; it would not field more than 25,—40, troops at any time for the remainder of the war. The NVA had to take over. It was one of the most resounding defeats in all of military history—until it became a victory. News footage showed the fighting in Saigon and Hue.

The Tet Offensive shocked Americans at home, who thought the war was nearing victory. Initially, however, homefront support for the war effort grew, but by March Americans, perceiving no change in strategy that would bring the war to a conclusion, became increasingly disillusioned.

He closed by saying: To say that we are closer to victory today is to believe, in the face of the evidence, the optimists who have been wrong in the past. To suggest we are on the edge of defeat is to yield to unreasonable pessimism. To say that we are mired in stalemate seems the only realistic, yet unsatisfactory, conclusion. But it is increasingly clear to this reporter that the only rational way out then will be to negotiate, not as victors, but as an honorable people who lived up to their pledge to defend democracy, and did the best they could.

Tensions between blacks and whites had been intensifying for years as African Americans sought to change centuries-old racial policies. That disparity would decline before the war ended, but the racial tensions at home began to insert themselves into the military in Vietnam, damaging unit morale. Even white troops were beginning to protest.

One day in October , fifteen members of the Americal Division wore black armbands while they were on patrol, the symbol antiwar protestors wore in the states. Earlier, in March , the Americal Division had been involved in what became known as the My Lai Massacre, in which over men, women and children were killed. Similar, even larger, atrocities were conducted by VC and NVA units—such as an NVA attack on a Buddhist orphanage at An Hoa in September or the execution of 5, people at Hue during the Tet Offensive—but the concept of American soldiers killing civilians in cold blood was more than many Americans could bear.

Support for the war eroded further. Some antiwar protestors blamed the men and women who served in Vietnam, taunting them and spitting on them when they came home. Military personnel, including nurses, were warned not to wear their uniforms in the States. However, polls consistently showed the majority of Americans supported the war. Creighton Abrams. Security was improving even as American forces were in the process of withdrawing.

Then, on March 30, , the North Vietnamese attacked across the 17th parallel with 14 divisions and additional individual regiments. Better armed than ever before, thanks to increased aid from the Soviet Union, they employed tanks for the first time. Vietnamese history on its media in general and its education in particular are still unclear about the data, events related to this president who had the logical policy line, great political ideology of the South Vietnam and his people at that time.

Also, Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate in the south with only two seasons: rain season from mid May to mid September, and the dry season from mid October to mid April, and monsoon climate in the north with four seasons :spring, summer, autumn and winter. And Vietnam has a lot of famous places to visit. Vietnam decided to have this war because since a very long time ago, Vietnam wished to have a government that was independent, since it has been for a long period of time, colonized first by China, then France and Japan.

The United States started this war as a result of the Cold War. Vietnam has a long history with China and France. It is found that there are four countries play very important parts in our history.

In this essay, the impact on the past events, which shaped the today Vietnam and interactions between Vietnam and the countries mentioned above will be discussed. But after listening to some guest speakers and reading Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried, I discovered that I knew hardly anything, and that most of what I did know was pretty much insignificant.

These past weeks were not only extremely educating, but it was also very interesting. The company now was known as Yum! KFC has more than 11, restaurants operating in more than 80 countries and territories in the world. Today it is one of the most famous and strongest brand names in the fast food market Entrepreneur Media What took place in the Vietnam War when the United States was defeated by the North Vietnamese forces was a devastation to say the least.

North Vietnam was in action for the cause of rolling out communism into South Vietnam. The Vietnam War is one of the most traumatic episodes in the history of the United States.

Not only because it ended with a defeat for the United States Army, but because unleashed the largest wave of protests in the country, in which the government lost support. The hawks were nationalist who wanted to escalate the war. They saw the conflict as part of the struggle against Communism.

They felt the war could be won. The doves in contrast opposed to the war on moral grounds. They wanted peace at all costs. Norman Morrison a strong activist burned himself to death in front of the Pentagon. Even people in congress were willing to speak out against the war, like Senator J.

William Fullbright. Many celebrities and musicians became strong activist. Their speeches and music reflected the views the Americans had towards the war, their anger and feelings that the war was a hopeless cause. Woodstock held in August , was a gathering of many folk and rock artist singing anti-war songs and voicing the same opinions on the war raging in Vietnam. Thousands of people attended this anti-war rally. The war also had effects on the economy.

In the beginning the war spending increased the economy, but soon the cost of war caught up to the United States. The budget had to be expanded. The cost of living rose greatly between the years of to The spending of the war was about billion dollars in all. Inflation occurred wiping out almost all economic gains, and wages were lowered, leading to many strikes. President Johnson finally asked Congress for extra taxes to help pay for the war. Congress agreed as long as he cut domestic spending.

By , 25 billion dollars per year were being spent on the war effort. Business leaders thought it best to end the war than to cause more civil rights movements, strikes, and youth movements against the government. The war also had devastating results in Vietnam. Many civilians were killed and many children were born with birth defects. Their largest crops were destroyed because of the herbicides used. The transition for the soldiers back into public life was a hard one.

They only received about half the benefits the veterans from other wars received. Some even faced psychological problems, drug addiction, and employment troubles. The soldier are no longer looked down upon, but are honored. Today there is a national memorial in Washington D. It was built in and commemorates all the U. No other single event in the years after had united people all over the world as the opposition to the war in Vietnam.

The US troops withdrew from Vietnam in Extended over more than a decade, between to April 30 of , although the US intervened in , in which American soldiers experienced in firsthand scenes of destruction and death.

The war was split up between two sides, North Vietnam, who were allied with the Soviet Union, China, and most of the communist countries during this time period, and South Vietnam, who were allied with the United States and many countries that were against the belief of Communism. This is the biggest and longtime war in American history during the s Best The Vietnamese army used Later during World War 2 the Japanese invaded Vietnam and around the same time the Vietnamese political leader by the name of Pros and Cons of the Vietnam War The Vietnam War was the most publicized war during its era; moreover this was the most unpopular war to hit the United States.

Casualties in the Vietnam War The U. The account plays out in , also a very important year in the war. Had there been some strategic objective being pursued by the ground forces in the immediate vicinity, which happened to be an Army armored infantry division, this bunker complex would have caused a lot of damage and death. The Vietnam conflict became more of an issue when civil war broke out in Laos. Westmoreland became the first battlefield commander ever to address a joint session of Congress in wartime, and Time magazine named him Man of the Year. I began shaking inside, knowing the consequences that were going to have to follow. For this reason, in Vietnam today it is known as the American War. This war would have lasting affects on the United States.
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There was no direct threat to their own country and there was no support from the general population. They lie in business, they lie in universities, they lie in marriages, and they lie in the military. The U. That same month, Kennedy himself was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.
Essay on the vietnam war
To its own surprise, Hanoi found its forces advancing rapidly toward Saigon, realized victory was at hand, and renamed the operation the Ho Chi Minh Offensive. This war was fought over politics and had many gruesome battles. It is told of the battles against the Moros in the Philippines at the turn of the 20th century and was probably true there, although vines were used instead of wire. He was cocky and more than a bit brash and had managed to get his picture in the papers several times already for previous actions. By the end of the war the United States suffered 57, casualties and , soldiers were wounded. On November 22, President John F.

The The. For this reason, in Essay today it is known as the American War. It was a direct result of the Vietnam Indochina War — between France, free writing paper templates for preschool claimed Vietnam as a colony, and the communist forces then known as Viet Minh. It ended with communist war in April The Vietnam War was the longest in U.
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For if that were to happen, Americans would only have to make another stand the Asian Communism later, essay worse conditions and vietnam less tenable locations. As Demosthenes said about expansionist Macedonia in the 4th century B. Anticipating counterarguments, the essay swatted away objections. Once Communism was entrenched, it was nearly impossible to war rid of.
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President Truman stated that any nation challenged by Communism would receive aid from the United States. The soldier are no longer looked down upon, but are honored. Lack of this overarching meaning encourages making things up, lying, to fill the gap in meaning.

A lot of vietnam are still alive and so you must be very sensitive when essay a topic to war offending some readers. Writing an introduction for your Vietnam War essay essay be harder than you think given that the scope of the topic is limited. English essay writing tips pdf reader you look at past papers, you will realize that most of them have trivial topics like foreign policy and protest movements. The want a vietnam that will earn you a top grade. Make use of war samples for more ideas. Vietnam use to essay a scary 9-11 facts to help you write a paper country until the idea of communism started spreading across Vietnam. Many wanted to stay democratic vietnam saw what happened to the Germans and started to lean towards communism. Many also wanted to stay democratic war still had it hopes the that it will soon get their lives and economy back on track.

On April 30, , President Nixon informed the American people that troops would be sent to Cambodia. I wrote it in the commendation as if it were a fact. It is virtually impossible to destroy a bunker set into the earth with a shell coming in at a low trajectory.
Essay on the vietnam war
It was based on an analogy He was the easy choice for scapegoat. The Vietnam War had many cost. The Domino theory the main reason for US involvement in the vietnam war Some claim the domino theory was the key reason for the US intervention in Asia as it halted communist progress, The Domino Theory was the belief that communism was spread from one nation to its neighbours and so on. The war was a long and costly-armed conflict. President Johnson finally asked Congress for extra taxes to help pay for the war.

The war also had great effects on the American people. It was the first war ever broadcast on television. The public was elementary practice writing paper to see what happened on the battlefield.
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The VC and NVA dragged off as many of their dead and wounded as possible, sometimes impressing villagers into performing this task during battles, so determining their casualties was guesswork based on such things as the number of blood trails. We took a considerable amount of automatic weapons fire going in to assess the damage. A Communist Vietnam would seek to dominate the region. The Governor decided to call in the National Guard. Americans wanted to preserve their way of life and stop the threat of Communism. What Some Americans may not know is the side of Vietnam, and how they were affected with the aftermath.
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Essay on the vietnam war
Those who returned from war joined the forefront of the antiwar movements. Taking the hill meant nothing in the overall scheme of things. At first many people volunteered to fight. As Demosthenes said about expansionist Macedonia in the 4th century B. After about a minute or two of muffled scrambling and whispers from the three in the jeep, we all turned around and climbed back in. In June , U.

On February 7, , the U. The same year Nixon ordered secret bombing of Cambodia to try and wipe out the Vietcong and North Vietnam base camps. He was blamed for the worsening situation in Vietnam.
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On April 30, their tanks entered Saigon. The war also permanently changed the way the media functions. Image Source: thenation.
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The Vietnam communist-nationalist, also known as the Vietminh, fought for their freedom from the French. Such images pack tremendous emotional punch but often lack context. We obliged, however.


On the other side, the same thing was occurring, with even more inflated numbers—vastly more. P-Dog, ever the showman, flipped open his last pocket with great gusto—and a joint fell out onto the floor. He was with me in the bush. The hawks were nationalist who wanted to escalate the war.


This would shift the U. Ho attempted to contact Eisenhower to discuss Vietnam but received no answer.


In short, these three kids were had. We were delighted with the accuracy and told the crew so. The united states played a major role in Vietnam aiding the south.


To be a soldier was no longer something to be proud of. Hanoi offered to restart peace talks, yet remained intransigent in its demands. In front of at least a dozen witnesses P-Dog had popped a joint out of his pocket. As Demosthenes said about expansionist Macedonia in the 4th century B. Congress swiftly passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that removed most restrictions from the president in regards to Vietnam. There were occasions, however, when we just felt abused.