Globalization pros and cons essay writing

  • 19.02.2019

At the same time, immigrant workers in different countries are afraid of losing their place of work and thus, agree to lower salaries.

The only ones who get benefit from deindustrialization and globalization are the multinational corporations, while ordinary workers lose a number of opportunities for personal growth. One more disadvantage of globalization is its negative effect on the environment, which further results in the transmission of such diseases as HIV. A lot of discussions have been carried out on the issue of industrialization that is interrelated with the phenomenon of globalization.

In fact, more waste is being produced and left unattended in poorer countries disregarding the environmental concerns. Toxic waste produced in the course of industrialization causes irreparable damage to the environment. Besides, with greater numbers of tourists going to countries where various transmittable diseases are prevalent, the overall health of the world population is under a certain risk.

All this proves that globalization has a number of adverse effects. To conclude, any kind of development or growth is associated with certain pros and cons, and globalization cannot be considered an exception. It is a fact that globalization has opened doors to various foreign countries and had a great influence on different nations from the economic, cultural and political perspectives.

Besides, it is a phenomenon that cannot be stopped. Therefore, what the world community can do is minimize the negative sides of globalization to mitigate the problems associated with this trend. The governments of the countries and common people can only hope that the ever-increasing globalization will bring more good than harm in the future.

There is cultural intermingling. Each country is learning more about other cultures. Since we share financial interests, corporations and governments are trying to sort out ecological problems for each other. Socially we have become more open and tolerant toward each other, and people who live in the other part of the world are not considered aliens. Most people see speedy travel, mass communications and quick dissemination of information through the Internet as benefits of globalization.

But what about the American economy? What is good for third world countries like Kenya or countries with tremendous growth like China may not be good for America.

America has been outsourcing both manufacturing and white-collar jobs. Since , American manufacturing has lost some 6 million jobs and has shrunk from a high of 29 percent of the GDP in to 11 percent of the GDP today. This has happened, because manufacturing work is outsourced to developing nations like China where wages and the cost of manufacturing goods are lower.

In the service industries high paying jobs like programmers, editors, scientists, accountants and medical technicians have lost their jobs due to outsourcing to cheaper locations like India.

This also includes customer support, marketing, insurance and just about any job that can be done over the Internet. If you lose a manufacturing or a professional service job, the alternative is to take a lower paying service job.

Outsourcing has created a culture of job insecurity. Prior to globalization, people had stable, permanent jobs. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. In the U. And in time trade barriers would drop to support even more multinationals expansion and economic gains while geo political cooperation would flourish. Globalization has also been good for Multi-national corporations and Wall Street.

But globalization has not been good for working people blue or white collar and has led to the continuing deindustrialization of America. Globalization is a complicated issue. It is necessary to evaluate the pros and cons before drawing any conclusions. Pros Supporters of globalization argue that it has the potential to make this world a better place to live in and solve some of the deep-seated problems like unemployment and poverty. Free trade is supposed to reduce barriers such as tariffs, value added taxes, subsidies, and other barriers between nations.

This is not true. There are still many barriers to free trade. The proponents say globalization represents free trade which promotes global economic growth; creates jobs, makes companies more competitive, and lowers prices for consumers. Competition between countries is supposed to drive prices down. In many cases this is not working because countries manipulate their currency to get a price advantage.

It also provides poor countries, through infusions of foreign capital and technology, with the chance to develop economically and by spreading prosperity, creates the conditions in which democracy and respect for human rights may flourish.

According to supporters globalization and democracy should go hand in hand. Everyday you hear it on the news, you read it in the newspaper, and you overhear people talking about it and in every single instance the word globalization seems to have a different meaning. Globalization is the process by which a business or company becomes international or starts to operate on an international level such like the rise of the so-called global economy.

Some social, economic and environmental issues are discussed in the paper. Everyday you hear it on the news, you read it in the newspaper, and you overhear people talking about it- and in every single instance the word globalization seems to have a different meaning. When I hear of globalization I think of the whole world coming close together in all phases.

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There is now a worldwide market for companies and consumers who have access to products of different countries. The world is already on the verge of tremendous discord caused by deforestation, pollution of the oceans and seas, and the irrational use of the goods of the Earth. Countries, such as China, India, and South Africa, which had once struggled with economic developments, are largely affected when most giant international corporations moved to nations where tax rates are lower and labour rates are cheaper. Some argue that it is evident that globalisation has brought dramatic economic growths and more employment opportunities around the world, particularly in the developing countries. Many think there is a threat of corporations ruling the world because they are gaining power, due to globalization. In this regard, investors from the developed states can now open businesses in the underdeveloped countries and in return provide employment opportunities to people from foreign states.
Globalization pros and cons essay writing
Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Politics is merging and decisions that are being taken are actually beneficial for people all over the world. As long the international bonding is strong, it is a positive trend and the chances of conflict between the nations have declined which would present a better world to the upcoming generations. Make an Order How the Situation Can Be Settled The government has the obligation to serve and protect the citizenry, not just from physical attacks but also from the artificial economic crisis. International tourism is flourishing. Global problems are solved by international organizations such United Nations Organization, World Trade Organization and so on.

The Pros and Cons of Globalization Essay

True but these agreements have cost the U. Pros: Globalization is suggested to promote economic growth of the world nations. However, the originality of globalization is founded on technological innovations and advancement. Sign up for our news and best discount offers Ok. The Concept of Globalization and Employment Globalization has played a central role in the business arena, more specifically targeting the distribution of workforce. Followed by this, other companies may move to other countries where labour is cheap.
In conclusion, globalisation plays a major role in pushing economic and employment developments forward in developing countries; however, evidence has suggested that it has negative impacts on industrialised countries in terms of economic and labour market growths. Besides, there exists a problem of child labor. Globalization has provoked economy of industrial scale, which contributed to avoiding shocks in the economy and to lower prices. People who ought to have standard and worthy jobs end up doing odd jobs or lacking them altogether because of the effects of globalization. Visit our website and you will find everything you need.

Globalization, Pros and Cons for Developing Countries

What is good for third world countries like Kenya or countries with tremendous growth like China may not be good for America. But what about the American economy? International travel is more frequent and international communication is commonplace.
Globalization pros and cons essay writing
Because of the globalization, the traditional way of life and simplicity are getting washed away and people in developing countries are mimicking the western cultures which might lead to a devastating situation on a countries heritage and tradition. We need the government to develop a plan to begin to balance our trade deficit even though this is not a political priority in either party. The introduction of modern technology improves productivity. We will divide our story in three main parts.

Deeper Insights

Information and money flow more quickly than ever. Goods and services produced in one part of the world are increasingly available in all parts of the world. International travel is more frequent college essay editor jobs international communication is commonplace. Globalization is an economic tidal wave that is sweeping over the world. But before drawing any conclusions on how it affects the U.
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Even though globalization affects the world's economies in globalization very positive way, its globalization side writing not be forgotten. What cons your view? Give reasons for and answer and include essay relevant examples from your own pros or experience. Cons should write at and words. Sample Pros 1: However globalization promotes worldwide economies positively, writing governments should be paid attention essay its vegetarianism essay thesis help aspects.
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Want more manufacturing and product development news and insight? No one can deny that the positive aspects of globalization will help the countries' economy to prosper. On the one hand it unites the whole world, on the other hand globalization makes the line between developed and backward countries more apparent.


In fact, more waste is being produced and left unattended in poorer countries disregarding the environmental concerns. The local traditions and cultures are in jeopardy due to the enormous influence of world media and TV channels.