How to write a toefl ibt essay examples

  • 12.05.2019
How to write a toefl ibt essay examples

Others prefer to study with a group of students. Which do you prefer? Question 28 Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Sometimes these creative solutions come about because a group is more likely to make risky decisions that an individual might not undertake. This is because the group spreads responsibility for a decision to all the members and thus no single individual can be held accountable if the decision turns out to be wrong.

Taking part in a group process can be very rewarding for members of the team. Now listen to part of a lecture on the topic you just read about. Professor Now I want to tell you about what one company found when it decided that it would turn over some of its new projects to teams of people, and make the team responsible for planning the projects and getting the work done. After about six months, the company took a look at how well the teams performed.

And what about group members who worked especially well and who provided a lot of insight on problems and issues? Well…the recognition for a job well done went to the group as a whole, no names were named. Because it took so long to reach consensus…it took many, many meetings to build the agreement among group members about how they would move the project along.

On the other hand, there were other instances where one or two people managed to become very influential over what their group did. When the project failed, the blame was placed on all the members of the group.

When a timer is involved, things change. You need to think fast, write fast and correct writing fast. Choose a topic and set a timer for thirty minutes. Try to spend the entire 30 minutes writing, without stopping. When the timer is finished, read your writing carefully to see how you did. How was your grammar? How many sentences could you write?

Do this several times per week. Think quality, not quantity. That is, to show the similarities and differences between them. However, the question might ask you to compare the advantages and disadvantages of only one subject, so read the question carefully. Both variations could also ask you to state your personal opinion or your personal preference.

In your opinion, which source is more important? Compare these two attitudes. Which attitude do you agree with? Support your choice with specific examples. Some people believe that the best way of learning about life is by listening to the advice of family and friends. Other people believe that the best way of learning about life is through personal experience. Compare the advantages of these two different ways of learning about life. Which do you think is preferable?

Use specific examples to support your preference. Here are examples of the second variation: Some young children spend a great amount of their time practicing sports. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this. A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community.

Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position. Can you see the difference between them? When you write a comparison and contrast essay, you need to be aware of what the question is asking. Is it asking for the comparison of two different things or is it asking you to describe advantage and disadvantage of one thing? Compare aspects of two subjects. Compare the advantage and disadvantage of one subject. Introductory paragraph Gives an overview of comparison and your personal opinion if the question asks you.

Gives an overview of advantage and disadvantage and your personal opinion if the question asks you. Body paragraph A Compare and contrast both two subject in one aspect. Discuss the advantage of the subject. Body paragraph B Compare and contrast both two subject in another aspect. Discuss the disadvantage of the subject.

Conclusion paragraph Give a summary of comparisons between two opinions and restate your personal opinion if the question asks you. Summarize the advantage and disadvantage, and include a reinstatement of your personal opinion if the question asks you.

As you can see, the major difference is how you write your two body paragraphs. Secondly, our standard of life has changed through advances in engineering, architecture, travel, and even textiles. Looking at a film like The Lion in Winter, while by no means historically perfect, does show how even everyday things were more difficult almost a thousand years ago.

Set in the s, the film shows King Henry II having to break ice from his water bowl to get water to wash his face—something that hot and cold running taps have long since saved us from. The queen has to travel to see her husband by a long boat journey, which would be almost unthinkable today. She interviewed police officers, to find out if the job would be what she expected, and she rode along with them while they were on duty, to learn what it would be like.

Ultimately, she discovered that being a policewoman was not the right fit for her. It was better that she job-shadowed first before making the commitment.

This is what I would advise my friend to do too. Then, I would suggest that she job-shadows any potential jobs she is considering before she makes her choice. Download the PDF version of this post and read it on your own time. It provides one direct question and you have thirty minutes to write. The integrated question presents a reading and listening passage, followed by a question, which is a bit more complicated.

There is a table here. Please rotate your phone to landscape in order to see it. Integrated Writing: Task Breakdown.

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We'll look at how you can score high in each scoring criteria. Each of your essays is given a score from 0 to 5. Some ideas are better than no ideas. On the other hand, some people are strongly opposed to the construction of such facilities.
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About the TOEFL Writing Section

In my opinion, I disagree with the statement; I think it is more important for people to study math and science. If the influent people are going in the right direction there would be no problem. These conversations occurred many years before the memoir was written, so it would have been impossible for the Chevalier to remember them accurately. Never fear. For instance, advertisements for prescription drugs create unrealistic expectations about the effectiveness of the drugs and its side-effects. Brainstorm before you start your response.
How to write a toefl ibt essay examples
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Sample Essay

In conclusion, I strongly believe it is more important for students to study science and math than it is to learn about literature and art. Each body paragraph gives the reader a detailed explanation about one main idea. Explain your position. Finally, the reading claims that environmental factors, which lead to different levels of pollutant concentration, perfectly explain the uneven pattern of the diminishing sea otter populations. Here is an example: It has recently been announced that a new restaurant may be built in your neighborhood.
How to write a toefl ibt essay examples
This essay shows that the writer understood the main points of both the lecture and the reading well enough to both describe them and contrast them. Write a clear opinion or position on an issue. Some students will memorize essays before the TOEFL exam and use them instead of writing on their own. Even so, the topics will probably be very similar overall. Question: Summarize the points in the lecture, being sure to explain how they address the specific concerns for social media described in the reading passage.

And One More Thing…

Effectively addresses the topic and task. Is well organized and developed. Displays strong writing critical commentary essay consistent language skills with minimal errors. Is generally well organized and well developed. Occasional noticeable minor errors in structure, word form, or use of idiomatic language that do not interfere with meaning. May demonstrate inconsistent facility in sentence formation and word choice that may result in lack of clarity and occasionally obscure meaning. Examples specific reasons and examples toefl support your answer. Write 26 Many ibt welcome the opening of shopping areas near their homes. On the other hand, some people are strongly opposed to the construction of such facilities. If the opening of a large shopping center in your neighborhood were announced, would you support essay oppose its construction? Use specific reasons and details how support your answer.

Essay Evaluation and Scoring

Writing while being timed is not a very how to write essay conclusions activity. I mean, when else do you have to race against a clock to finish an essay? This is a challenging task even for native English speakers.
How to write a toefl ibt essay examples
The introductory paragraph should contain the following: The main bravery essay ideas for college of both the reading passage and the lecture A paraphrase of the question describing the number of points made that were used to cast doubt on the how passage. Each body paragraph should cover one main point from the listening ibt explain in detail how it examples to the main points in the reading passage. Finally, the conclusion paragraph should summarize the introductory paragraph Do not use the same wording you used in the introduction paragraph. In the following section, we will provide you with TOEFL writing sample essay, sample writing toefl, and useful writing templates for each of them. In this scenario, the lecture will contradict or cast doubt on the key points in the reading college essay topics 2009 nba.

Top-Scoring TOEFL Integrated Writing Sample

An "Agree or Disagree" question will give you a statement of opinion and ask you whether you agree or disagree with the statement. Building a friendlier community is a benefit to all people. However, the lecturer disputes this point. This unfortunately, causes kids to think that they can only have one job for the rest of their life. Finally, the reading claims that social media is a huge distraction for people.
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How to write a toefl ibt essay examples
Students doing homework are likely to be pulled towards scouring social media to check on their friends. Is it asking for the comparison of two different things or is it asking you to describe advantage and disadvantage of one thing? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. The lecturer casts doubt on the main points made in the reading by providing three arguments. There are four basic criteria on which your essay is evaluated.

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Both variations could also ask you to state your personal opinion or your personal preference. Environmental pollution usually affects an entire ecosystem instead of just one species. Secondly, the reading states that aside from sea otters other small sea animals also decreased in population due to pollution. Another thing that pointed to pollution as the culprit was the decline of other sea mammals such as seals in the same areas. Give reasons and examples to support your answer. Practice timed writing before the day of the test.
Question 33 We all work or will work in our jobs with many different kinds of people. I decided to leave the legal field behind and pursued a job that I could actually enjoy while helping people. Provide reasons and examples to support your response. Choose a topic and set a timer for thirty minutes.
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Sample Essay I definitely agree that modern life is easier than life in the past. This high percentage indicates that social media has become a medium for cyber-bullying. There are differing opinions on whether children should be required to do household tasks. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Therefore, one of the lowest scores students can receive is for missing the topic.


The next time you write about a similar topic, you will be able to utilize them in your writing and add your own ideas. For the sake of public health, it is more necessary for students to learn math and science than art and literature. In support of this idea, the lecturer brings up the point that the decrease in work productivity due to the overuse of social media has cost some businesses billions of dollars in lost revenue.


Top-scoring essays generally need to have good organization, specific examples, answer the prompt completely, and minor spelling and grammar errors. First, some members got free rides. Without a conclusion, readers will feel like you just decided to stop writing, or that you ran out of time. People feel a sense of belonging when they can log onto the Internet and see the people they can talk to.


Use a variety of words, both common and academic, correctly and appropriately. Which would you rather spend it on: a a piece of jewelry b a pair of concert tickets c an expensive meal. Although meals take time to prepare and busy people may not have time, the preparation and eating of a meal as a family is a human tradition.


Other people, however, argue that it is beneficial in many ways for children to take part in the household work. Which point of view do you agree with? The first one is to apologize to your rater for your English skills. Supporting with Examples: The lecture supports the key points in the reading passage.


Rather than choosing between two things or two opinions, you are typically not limited in your choice. Describe an annual day in your country when you give people special gifts. The increased use of technology, rising standards of living, and improved healthcare have combined to make our lifestyles, at least in the first world, luxurious compared to lifestyles of the past. This was another part where experience contradicted theory.


Both variations could also ask you to state your personal opinion or your personal preference. High schools should allow students to study the courses that students want to study. Which do you prefer: staying in one place or moving in search of another place? Try your best to write about the exact topic given to you.