Technology makes us lazy essay writing

  • 04.04.2019
Technology makes us lazy essay writing
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This is because if we look at it, it becomes obvious that technology opens up the door to many more useful tasks, than it does to useless ones. When researching weight loss issues, one finds thousands of sites from which to obtain possible knowledge Remember the Jetsons? The work of This I Believe is made possible by individuals like you. For example, doing exercise becomes much easier and enjoyable, while it becomes more effective.
Technology makes us lazy essay writing
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Technology Makes Man Lazy

We live in the time of technology as a medium of almost mba admission essay help single thing that we do. Firstly, technology makes us fat. It made our lives easy and comfortable. Technology invention has also reduced our physical activity which is making us lazy. Nowadays machines govern us.
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But there is also another aspect to this as well. We fight and complain about having to do this really easy task instead of going and watching television. Again, saving us time and cost in phoning people up if you just have a quick query to ask or something to verify. Therefore one needs to be out in the real world, not hiding behind technology for the rest of their lives. However, is this true? Technology also preventing humans from doing outdoor activities.
Technology makes us lazy essay writing
Technology itself, is perfectly neutral, it has no preference as to what we do with it, this holds true no matter if we are speaking of the scientific definition of Technology, or the more mainstream definition. Social media which is full of false news has been the go-to news outlet for many people. Second, the youth depend too much on technology to shape their relationships.

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Forums and chat rooms, social networks, virtual worlds, all enable people to communicate with others in a relatively safe environment, free from the challenges that physical proximity can pose. It is a sad state of events and is the reason why bridges fall down and planes fall out of the sky. Technology invading us by dumbing us down, as well as being used to monitor our every move and word.
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Technology is so advanced in this day in age that we have cars that parallel park by themselves, we have cell phones that finish our words and a sentence, making it fewer touches to the keypad, even a calculator to do our math, is a simple clue that technology makes us lazy. It negates the need to leave the home, the room, the chair we sit in. We mentally improve the ability to analyze, research, and innovate to understand and get useful information among various sources. Technology is clearly a great thing.


I believe that blaming technology for laziness is akin to blaming a pen for miss-spelled words. By making it the center of their lives, many people shall suffer from bad health as well as poor relationships and low-quality thinking. This is technology. So the technology has enabled us to do the same things as we used to do as well as new things, but much quicker and more conveniently. But that is another article for another day. Children prefer to play computer and video games instead of playing outdoors; this is also not good for their health.


So we are encouraged to explore, to find out, to get involved, to communicate, about anything that interests us.


Remember the Jetsons? TV: With television, one purpose everybody uses it for is to become informed of what is going on in the world although in the transforming news business people are also turning to the Internet for this as well. Buy them online and save your feet. But the warnings are being overlooked. Another area is the scope of digital technology offers.


It eradicated the need for us to use our brains for daily basics like math, spelling, and even telling the time. It is also possible to do extensive research on the Internet without having to go to a library. We should not use vehicles for short distance but should walk the way. Technology has made it possible to be everywhere without actually being anywhere. They are used to save lives, bring clean water to places that have none, allow people to have a voice where they are being suppressed and denied basic human rights.


Is technology making us lazy? The usual negative effect is that parents fail to know who their children as they develop, creating communication and discipline problems along the way. We must moderate our activities as a way of keeping our laziness in check. The work of This I Believe is made possible by individuals like you. Second, machines as well as other technological achievements like the Internet have helped human do and complete tasks more effectively, and enjoyably.


One could very well spend hours on both the Internet and it is also possible with most cable and satellite TV providers to order pornographic materials via pay per view. For those of you who may not be familiar with the Nintendo Wii, it is an interactive video gaming console. A car is a machine that can get you from one destination to another. Certainly there is an addictive element, and unless there is some balance between real and virtual interactions, the benefits of the one may not reach the other. At the same time, many children are becoming overweight or obese due to hours spent being glued to tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Technology has its uses and there are legitimate reasons to use it.