Website evaluation report essay

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I never mentioned anything specific about the photos themselves so I had to insert a paragraph about that. I also needed to rearrange everything so the order that information was given made more sense, such as talking about the main content first and then becoming more specific by discussing the photos and text that the content was composed of. During the writing process of this essay, I learned that one of my strengths in writing are giving descriptions and stating examples.

What I was usually missing was an evaluative claim that supported my evidence and then an analysis of it. On this page, everything is centered on an orange background with sky blue on the sides.

Fortunately, my class had a workshop dealing with peer editing paragraphs where my partner explained what kind of evaluations I needed and assisted me in expanding my essay.

I also received several peer editing worksheets that provided questions I could ask myself in order to analyze every piece of evidence I presented. This moved my paper from just having good descriptions to having a balance of examples, evaluations, and analysis.

By the end of this writing process, I realized that having a rough draft and then revising was something I somewhat enjoyed. The website introduces linguistic terminology such as grammar, morphology, phonology, semantics, and syntax These building are designated for specific schools and subjects.

Each school provides subject specific services to their students and differs from other libraries on campus in policy and layout. Despite the differences between libraries they all share the same library homepage. The Yale University Library site brings all the libraries and buildings together for the ease of the user We can see this picture or display when we access to the website Figure 1 Website Evaluation Content About the content of this website is in this web site, I agree, this website content to give a information for those who are seeking about Malaysi The answer is a lot, and according to the March of Dimes more then , babies are born prematurely every year in the United States alone March of Dimes website.

Intrusive testing was conducted. The website has been re-evaluated and the information posted is still relevant and appropriate for classroom use. In fact, the website has been updated and there is even more useful information posted. The website model performed extremely well resulting in a very good resource being introduced to students who then used it to create fantastic work.

Finding great resources on the world wide web is not always easy, but when you do it can help students create and communicate their own ideas using a website as their medium. Website Design Evaluation The ability to create and share your knowledge, ideas and opinions with the rest of the world at a click of a mouse has come to fruition. Websites have become a dynamic medium by which to express information, but there are many guidelines to consider when building a website. A web developer must take into account factors such as design, content, technical elements, and credibility.

Educators that use web design, as part of their instructional practices must be made aware of these factors, ensure that students understand the importance of making positive contributions to the World Wide Web, and be able to evaluate and provide effective feedback of completed websites.

Website Design Factors A well-developed website rubric that includes each web design factor mentioned and provides an easy to understand description of what the evaluator is looking for is essential to making the evaluation process a positive one. Tammy Payton has developed an easy to use rubric that is excellent for secondary school web design see appendix J for Website Evaluation Rubric.

Design factors include proper navigation, layout considerations, and level of engagement. These points are critical because even if the website contains noteworthy information, chances are a visitor will not stick around if the site is poorly set up.

A good website will provide visitors with access to meaningful information. Content must be well thought out and useful and other resources and references should be made available. The designer must ensure that all technical elements have been taken into account. Elements such as working links and graphics convey a message of the amount of care and organization that was put into the site.

A visitor will not return to a site with a variety of dead links or broken images. The credibility factor is important as a visitor wants assurances that the information on a website is legitimate. Adding contact information and links to site development information and similar sites will go a long way to making a visitor feel comfortable with information on a website.

Secondary students do not always understand the importance of these factors. This type of website evaluation can help students understand the importance of good web page design. This information will not only help the student understand how to effectively convey their messages, but what to look for in website that they visit. The website developer did a very good job of meeting the standards set out in the rubric. There is a variety of information provided on this site.

The content was very good based on expectations and in relation to similar sites and there were resources provided throughout the site. Technical elements were very good as links and graphics worked properly. A high level of expertise was shown in choosing navigational display and overall arrangement of graphics and background images.

The credibility factor also met the desired expectations. Contact information and site development information were present in the website. Overall, this student did outstanding work with her website. There is room for improvements such as interactive elements, original graphics, and proper titling. Website evaluation must be applied in the classroom and consistently re-examined to understand issues, trends, and how websites can best be used to improve the education of our students. Issues With Websites In The Classroom With the great potential for learning and communication that the Internet offers, so too does the great potential for inappropriate use.

It is important for teachers to be aware of these issues and teach students to use the Internet responsibly. The Internet was designed to be an environment where one has the ability to contribute information freely. Unfortunately, we do not live in a utopian society where this idea is respected and there are many minefields on the information highway. One issue to be aware of is plagiarism.

Many teachers who work in "wired schools" are complaining that new technologies have made it all too easy for students to gather the ideas of others and present them as their own Mackenzie, This is also true of websites that may be used as a class resource. To combat this issue one must closely examine the material they are evaluating. Teachers and students should check for author identification clues, check source clues, do a search of unusual keywords or unique phrases in a large search engine, look for original text of sources listed in the bibliography, browse essay sharing websites, and ask reference libraries for help Hinchliffe, Whether a teacher is evaluating a website for instructional purposes or evaluating student work, he or she must be diligent when checking for invalid content such as plagiarism and biases.

The Internet allows people to express themselves in any manner they choose. Although this can be one of the strengths of a website, it is also an area that may be manipulated to send unclear and untrue messages.

In spite of claims of academic objectivity it is, in fact, impossible for authors, researchers, or sponsoring organizations to avoid some kind of bias Leland, Are there any advertising banners on the page? Is the website itself trying to sell you something? A credibility checklist can help educators know what to look for to make sure any website used does not provide contradictory or even discriminatory information and enable students to think more critically of the work of others and work they publish on the Internet see appendix L for credibility checklist.

The information on a website must be evaluated to protect students from those who would wish to alter accurate information for self gain or to impose their beliefs on others or to deal with accidental inaccuracies.

One concern many educators express is that students will find a website that has inaccurate information, but because it was on the World Wide Web, assume that it must be valid. There are a few basic tips to keep in mind when verifying accuracy. First, cross-referencing information on the Internet can be helpful in determining whether the information is accurate Burnett, This procedure is not foolproof as there could easily be another page that used the same incorrect information.

Another step that one can take is to review the author of the website.

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Website evaluation report essay
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For website reason, I kept my writing process quick and simple. The little revision that I did only occurred as Evaluation was evaluation up the essay. This process usually resulted in a good grade each time, but despite that I was report pleased with what I wrote. I could not even pinpoint my strengths or weaknesses because I was never given any constructive feedback. While working on essay web website paper, my first college essay, I received feedback essay suggestions that really encouraged me to put extra time and effort into my paper to writers block definition essay on beauty report better with every draft. EBay is an online auction and shopping website that is used by millions of people worldwide and offers customers a variety of various types of products to buy. The reduce oil prices have created a rippling effect on the lower cost of transportation, food and raw materials for business Each school provides subject specific services to their students and differs from other libraries on campus in policy and layout.

Website Development and Administration. Educators realize that there is a need for the development of website repositories. Is the format standard and readable with your browser? Lenburg While such literature is reviewed by an editorial staff, internet literature or information can be published by anyone.
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In the Beginning: Bibles Before the Year is an exhibit I would recommend to anyone interested in the history of the bible; it is very informative and user friendly As stated in the About Us section of the TechTV website, "TechTV is the cable network that showcases the smart, edgy, and unexpected side of technology. The Web site will be vital for McBride's success. When revision came along, I carefully went through each paragraph and included information I needed to elaborate on, removed any tangential ideas, and organized all my thoughts into something more comprehensible. Part 1: quantitative research Coughlan, Cronin and Ryan, Every year more and more gaming companies get gobbled up into huge conglomerates like Electronic Arts, companies that mostly put out trash that is technically and visually impressive, but devoid of concept and content.
Website evaluation report essay
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The website model will also have a five step process and use Expert Survey as the means to provide evaluation data. A person with appropriate qualifications to write the particular document might be more credible than a person who does not Burnett, Content must be well thought out and useful and other resources and references should be made available.
Website evaluation report essay
Web Evaluation For Secondary Grades. Usually, I would write an intro with my thesis as the last sentence, three body paragraphs to support it, and a conclusion that restated my thesis. Although this can be one of the strengths of a website, it is also an area that may be manipulated to send unclear and untrue messages. Communication Production Technology Curriculum.
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There is a step by step process for following every game of the day Information extraction is defined as the automatic extraction of structured information from unstructured documents. By telling stories through the prism of technology, TechTV intrigues viewers with everything from help and information to cutting-edge documentaries to outrageous late-night fun.


It is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world. Layout Elements I Made Within The Wireframe - Wireframe Rational Layout The choices with the layout elements I made within the wireframe are simple but effective for swift navigation throughout prevent any delays along with captivating the user as the website will have an interesting colour scheme relating to binding with the purpose of compelling the user to interact. There is a video interview playing at the start of each informational page at the top of the page and there are pictures in the video and to the right of the text of the different discoveries of ancient biblical texts.