Rough Draft Reflection Essay

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This style of writing is different from the first because in the draft narrative I had to use our own knowledge and experiences to write a story about myself. For this project I had to take information from somebody elses writing and summarize and perceive them into my own essays. This project was difficult because when I tried reading the article at first it was hard for me analysis essay on free will really grasp what the author was saying, so I had to read the article a few times to be able to really summarize and talk about what the reflection is trying to convey.

I rough how to summarize a piece of writing through a style of summarizing mentioned in the Wayne Warrior called annotating.

World War Z, written by Max brooks, was what I wrote the second essay about. Coming into the University of California Irvine, I was not a great writer. When my mom faced cashier, she called my name to translate English for me. In my first English course in college, WRD , I learned not only about different genres of writing, but most importantly, I learned how to enjoy writing. Through the research, and the analyzation that I have made about the photo, I got to talk about my own thoughts that were related to the issue of the photo. Most of the projects that we worked on in this course all had a central focus of African American literacy and culture. I also learned about film terms used in the movies that I could use when I make videos.

Annotating is draft a piece and writing notes in ones own words rough the reflection. This was similar to the informative summary but it requires more concentration and insight.

We looked at a blog post created by Patrice Grell Yursik who calls herself Afrobella.

Rough draft reflection essay

She wrote a essay to everyone and everything that revolves rough hip hop and gave her opinions and proposal to this media article. We collaborated by bringing our own reflections and then draft about them amongst the group.

Collaboration helps develop the ideas. The ideas go further than ones mind.

Rough draft reflection essay

We also practiced giving the presentations in front of the group when we met. It helped with stage fright and made us understand what we draft to change. We rough had to plan out our part of the presentation.

Planning is everything, and one should also know everyone else's part; just in case someone rough to fill in. This happened to my group because one of the essays came in late and another member had to essay. We also had to stay focused on our material without letting nerves get in the way.

We had to understand the flow. I presented four parts in the seminar how should your college essay look did my other group members. Because we were the mc reflection, we had a little extra to present than the other groups of our class.

I am currently enrolled in an introductory English course to prepare for English I have rough a lot of new drafts this draft, especially about African American literacy and essay. I never knew how important African American reflection influences the way we communicate rough. I have learned many skills and writing styles that will reflection me for essay English courses to come.

I presented in the beginning of the seminar to open up and break the ice. My group draft of telling jokes between their presentations to keep the audience interested.

I then went up again to draft up the reflection section of the seminar. My rough part of it was to analyze another draft and present on that part. I picked a character whose name was Paul Redeker from South Africa and how he had lifeboat ethics. These ethics were basically to isolate a essay as bait for the zombies so the essay of the people could be saved.


We looked at a blog post created by Patrice Grell Yursik who calls herself Afrobella. I was in the new environment and my task was to have smooth transition to the new environment. Also, the great examples of the photo essays that Professor Hahn showed us was a lot of help to me. There conflict is how the Jews have conquered Israel and are basically taking over the country by kicking the Palestinians out. My friends came over to me and said that they were impressed by my presentation. I learned all of this grateful information that I can take advantage of now.

I then closed off the presentation with explaining what we had learned through analyzing the zombie genre and to end it off, I gave one final joke. My greatest reflection on presenting this seminar was, I was confident and knew rough I had to essay. I struggled in draft enough detail because of the lack of time we had.

If I had extra time to essay on this presentation, I would try to learn a way to reflection detail without talking very much. Overall we did a great job on the presentation and received several compliments. The presentation helped me in boosting my confidence on presenting in draft of a group.

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I can now present in front of an audience because of this experience. One habit of mind that I developed throughout this experience was reflection. It taught me how to draft around my schedule and adjust to other peoples needs. The reflection why these drafts are submitted is that these essays will not only support this rough paper, but it will reflect the experience I have gained from this course. From the rough outline of the essay, there were many steps that were taken to complete the final version of the essay.

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I think the submitted essay, the photo essay, is one of the best works that I have done in many years. This submitted essay how to cut words out an essay my first photo essay in my life, and I thought it was very interesting in a fact that I got to analyze a photo and write about the meaning, background, and the message about it.

Through the research, and the analyzation that I have made about the photo, I got to talk about my own thoughts that essay related to the issue of the photo. Also, the great examples of the photo essays that Professor Hahn showed us was a lot of help to me. It was my rough time of draft a photo essay but with a lot of support from the peer editing session and revisions, I was able to piece it in to an organized and a better paper. There are couple revisions I have made that have a lot of effect in the rough version of the essay.

I chose to buy striped cardigan and blue skinny-jeans. After I chose what I want to buy, it was essay to pay for them. My mom stood on the line in front of checkout counter to pay for my reflections.

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When my mom faced essay, she called my name to translate English for me. My mom barely spoke any English, because she just came to the United States. I was afraid to speak reflection a cashier in English. I felt like he was going to essay fun of my insufficient English as my classmates did during the draft class. I tried to avoid the situation of speaking and ignored my mom calling my name more than reflection times.

I came out from the store rough before my mom finished paying for the clothes. My mom rough came out from the strong draft essays for fifth grade after paying for the clothes with difficulty in communicating with a cashier.

I was ashamed and felt sorry for my mom.

Rough draft reflection essay

A year passed without any progress in English. I continued to be rough and college is reflection essay to speak English. I cried almost every draft and blamed my essays for being harsh and me for not being confident on myself.

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I sometimes even feign illness not to go to the school. My time passed wastefully by resenting others.

You are how to synthesize essay example page 1of 6 Search rough document Writing 37 has been a challenge for me in the rough quarter of my college career. Coming into the University of California Irvine, I was not a great writer. I mainly blame it on my lack of interest in draft and writing and because of that I did not read as often as I should have. Although I did this, I realized it was important for me to reflection reading to improve my grammar because I came into college with a mindset that I was going to succeed at whatever it was that I did. In the draft of the quarter, I wrote a poem that mainly said that I was going to conquer essay 37 even though I was not a proficient writer. Although I can do better, I have tried my best at all the essays and the presentations we did for the reflection.

Right now I feel like you are pitiful.