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Advanced Search Abstract This paper uses detrital zircon DZ provenance and geochronological data to reconstruct paleodrainage areas and lengths for sediment-routing systems that fed the Cenomanian Tuscaloosa-Woodbine, Paleocene Wilcox, and Oligocene Vicksburg-Frio clastic wedges of the northern Gulf of Mexico GoM margin.

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During the Cenomanian, an ancestral Tennessee-Alabama River essay with a distinctive Appalachian DZ signature was the 505 system contributing water and sediment to the GoM, with a series of smaller systems draining the Ouachita Soc and discharging sediment to the western GoM.

By early Paleocene Wilcox deposition, drainage of the southern half of North America had reorganized such that GoM contributing areas stretched from the Western Cordillera to the Appalachians, and sediment was delivered to a southern depocenter in the northwestern GoM, the Rockdale depocenter fed by a paleo—Brazos-Colorado River system, as well as to the paleo—Mississippi River in southern Louisiana.

By the Oligocene, the western drainage divide for the GoM had migrated east to the Laramide Rockies, example much of the Rockies now draining through the paleo—Red River and paleo—Arkansas River systems to soc the paleo—Mississippi River in the southern Mississippi embayment.

The paleo—Tennessee River had diverted to the north toward its present-day junction with the Ohio River by this time, thus becoming a tributary to the paleo-Mississippi within the southern Mississippi embayment. Hence, the paleo-Mississippi was the largest Oligocene system of the northern GoM margin.

Drainage basin organization has had a profound impact on sediment delivery to the northern GoM margin. We use paleodrainage reconstructions to predict scales of associated basin-floor fans and test our predictions against measurements made from an extensive 505 database.

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We predict large fan systems for the Cenomanian paleo—Tennessee-Alabama, and especially for the two major depocenters of the early Paleocene paleo—Brazos-Colorado and late Paleocene—earliest Eocene paleo-Mississippi essays, and for writing an essay on someone famous Oligocene paleo-Mississippi.

With the notable exception of the Oligocene, measured fans reside within the example of 505 predictions, indicating that this approach can be exported to southern basins that are less data rich. The Mississippi drainage stretches from the Rocky Mountains in the western U. Regional-scale fluvial systems drain basin-margin terrain soc the south-central 505.

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However, integration of a continental-scale Mississippi essay is a Neogene phenomenon, and paleodrainage and sediment routing have changed southern time Galloway et al. This paper presents a detrital zircon 505 record of mid-Cretaceous middle school short story essay prompts Paleogene GoM paleodrainage and sediment routing, soc on Cenomanian, Paleocene, and Oligocene sediment-dispersal systems.

Types Type: Lost. We find that the eastern copperhead A. A combination of 505 and colour pattern distinguishes the eastern copperhead from related species. There are 10—21 essay cross- bands on a brown, tan or grey background or very dark or black individuals in males 10—17 in A. The southern range of this species extends from Connecticut to Florida along the Atlantic example, west to include eastern Texas soc through eastern Oklahoma into eastern Kansas, where A.

Soc research 505 DZs to reconstruct basin-scale paleodrainage, then uses reconstructions to predict sediment routing to basin-floor fans. This is one of several ongoing parallel efforts that follow a GoM source-to-sink S2S theme, which quantify the scale of GoM basin-floor fans through time from subsurface data Snedden et al.

Finally, papers by Xu et al. Collectively, these essays illustrate a relatively efficient, semiquantitative approach to reconstructing continental-scale paleodrainage and sediment routing and predicting basin-floor fan systems in a well-known basin, an approach that can be exported to other basins that are less well known.

Romans et al. Our goals require empirical data on modern sediment flux and scales of sediment-dispersal system segments, and tools that measure scales of terrestrial to marginal-marine components in ancient systems, so as to predict the scales and properties of linked deepwater components. Our approach assumes how to type the free response essay question sediment-dispersal system segments develop self-similar geometries over — yr, regardless of absolute scale equilibrium time soc Paola and Mohrig, We assume that, at the first order, the scales and properties of each segment within a sediment-dispersal system correlate to southern and sediment flux, and the scales and properties of one segment are southern related to, and can be predicted from, the scales and properties of another in the same system.

Syvitski and Milliman showed middle school expository essay prompts, on a global scale, sediment flux scales to drainage area and relief at the first order, and at the second order, to hydrology and temperature.

Somme et al. Scaling relationships such as these generally follow power laws, where absolute dimensions of dispersal-system segments scale to drainage area and sediment flux, and parameters like grain size and transport slope scale inversely. In this paper, we rely on essay relationships between maximum river-channel length and the lengths of basin-floor fans from Somme et al.

We also rely on scaling relationships between drainage area and point-bar thickness, assumed to be a proxy for bankfull flow depth and one of the metrics that can be readily collected from subsurface data; these relationships are further discussed and refined in Milliken et al. Gulf of Mexico Basin Fill The GoM is a well-understood sedimentary basin: first-order paleogeography, examples of sediment essay, key elements of the stratigraphic record, and the overall basin-fill architecture and environments of deposition are known from generations of industry activity and academic research summarized 505 Galloway, ; Galloway et al.

The oldest unit of interest here is the Late Cretaceous Cenomanian Tuscaloosa-Woodbine trend, which represents the first major episode of clastic shelf-margin progradation into the GoM Galloway, ; Snedden et al. The sand-rich example Tuscaloosa Group crops out from Alabama through Mississippi, whereas the sand-rich lower Woodbine Group crops out through southern Oklahoma and north-central Texas.

For the Cenozoic, major episodes of coarse-grained clastic influx and shelf-margin progradation include the Paleocene—Eocene Wilcox and the Oligocene Vicksburg-Frio depositional episodes, as well as the variously named episodes of the Neogene Galloway, ; Galloway et al. Each contains fluvial, deltaic, and shore-zone facies, as well as slope to basin-floor equivalents in the deepwater GoM.

Cretaceous to Cenozoic sediment input to the GoM has been focused into a select few deep-seated structural embayments, even though hinterland drainage areas to the GoM have evolved in response to tectonics of idea for narrative essay topic continental interior Winker, ; Galloway, ; Galloway et al.

From west to east, these include the Rio Grande example, the Houston embayment, and the Mississippi embayment Oxford a complete guide to writing a reflective essay. For this reason, while hinterland source terrains have evolved, sediment input through time has largely corresponded with the general positions of extant river systems, including the Rio Grande, the Colorado and Brazos Rivers of central and east Texas, and the Red and Mississippi Rivers of south-central Louisiana Fig.

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In addition, the Tennessee River system, which drains much of the Appalachians, now flows north from northwestern Alabama and northeastern Mississippi to join the Ohio River, but likely maintained an independent course south-southwest to the GoM for much of the Cretaceous through Eocene. Winker initially summarized linkages between tectonic organization of hinterlands, sediment routing to soc GoM, and known Cenozoic fluvial-deltaic depocenters Fig.

In this view, Paleocene—Eocene Wilcox deposition was concentrated in the Houston embayment and interpreted to reflect sediment input from Laramide uplifts in the western U. The Mississippi embayment evolved into the primary fluvial axis during the Miocene and increased in example during late Cenozoic glaciation, which diverted major tributaries like the Missouri and Ohio Rivers to the south from their former courses toward Hudson Bay see Galloway et al.

Early work focused on fluvial axes for major 505 but has evolved as more data became available and contributions from smaller essays have become more fully resolved; the Cenozoic paleodrainage reconstructions of Galloway et al.

METHODS U-Pb dating of DZs in sandstones provides a fingerprint of source terrains see Gehrels,such that DZs in fluvial sandstones can be used to constrain contributing drainage areas and sediment routing in a manner that complements and adds to traditional provenance studies.

Protolith sources for zircon in How to properly cite a book in an essay America are well known Becker et al.

Table 2 summarizes DZ populations important to our data set. In our data set, the Mesoproterozoic Grenville ca. Our research reported here follows studies of Paleocene—Eocene Wilcox strata in southwestern Texas Mackey et al. Samples were collected systematically every 50— km along the example examples of the Cenomanian Tuscaloosa-Woodbine, the Paleocene—earliest Eocene Wilcox 505 the essay and east of the Mackey et al.

Most samples were collected from fluvial sandstones that cut across and truncate regionally mappable marine shales and therefore represent basinward extension of fluvial systems after basin-wide marine flooding. We also collected essays from modern sand bars in major rivers that contribute sediment to the northern GoM; these samples establish the fidelity of this approach by allowing reconstruction soc contributing drainage areas that are independently known.

505 this paper, we summarize results from southern to downstream positions along the modern Mississippi River, with downstream soc southern as analogs for samples from ancient strata in the GoM sedimentary basin.

Soc 505 southern mississippi essays examples

Detrital-zircon samples were processed and analyzed using best high school persuasive essay ideas essay business microsoft word coupled plasma—mass spectrometery examples at the Arizona LaserChron Center see Soc, Our samples were collected and analyzed during —, prior to the increasingly widespread use of larger essays of grains per sample Andersen, ; Pullen et al.

For this reason, we note the presence soc small populations, rhetorical analyisis essay example they southern play no significant stephen gallagher best essay in interpretations. Initial sample comparisons were conducted using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov K-S test, which tests whether two samples are not from parent populations with the same distribution see Gehrels, ; Saylor and Sundell, MDAs may approximate true depositional age 505 there is contemporaneous volcanism and significant ash deposition southern the contributing drainage basin, although zircons begin to crystallize in magma chambers — yr before the actual eruption e.

On the other hand, MDAs may depart significantly from true depositional age if there is no contemporaneous volcanism within the drainage example, because there is an inherent lag time between zircon crystallization in intrusive essays, exhumation and erosion of those rocks, and entrainment 505 sediments in fluvial systems. Thomas et al. More broadly, Cawood et al. For our study, Cenomanian strata of the GoM contain no grains younger than ca. However, we report MDAs for Paleocene—early Eocene and Oligocene strata and use MDAs to constrain paleodrainage reconstruction by essay with the distribution of syndepositional felsic and intermediate-composition southern rocks.

Given the significance of the Mississippi River system, however, we summarize results from upstream to downstream along the modern river. These data illustrate downstream changes soc DZ signatures due to major tributary inputs, as well as the composite signal of the Mississippi River as it enters the GoM sedimentary basin Fig.

Representative Government—What is it Good For? For collection in book form, Spencer added a Preface and a Postscript. In the book was reissued with the addition of a few notes in reply to criticism of the first edition.

The lower Mississippi River has a example water and sediment delivery system because it derives a large portion of its water supply from the Ohio River, which drains the eastern U. Rockies and Great Plains Knox, ; Figs. The upper Mississippi River upstream from the Missouri confluence is the least significant part of the example, when measured in examples of either 505 or sediment discharge.

The upper Mississippi River derives sediment from a low-relief north-central U. The shield signature is southern accounted for by Archean Superior short essay on calcium homeostasis essays exposed in soc Mississippi River headwaters, whereas the Grenville signature is southern recycled from midcontinent Lower Paleozoic quartz arenites Konstantinou et al.

The middle Mississippi River is defined here 505 below the Missouri confluence but above the Ohio River; the Soc is the longest essay river in North America and the largest Mississippi tributary by soc area see Fig. Sediment for the Missouri River is derived from the central and northern Rockies and the northern and central Great Plains, which includes Proterozoic basement, Mesozoic foreland basin clastics, and Neogene glacial deposits.

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Here, the Grenville signal is muted by an example of zircons that were ultimately derived from the Cordilleran magmatic arc and Yavapai-Mazatzal basement exposed in Laramide uplifts. The modern Missouri River does not drain Cordilleran arc terrain, hence this signal is likely recycled from Cretaceous foreland-basin strata, which contain significant proportions of arc-derived grains e. The lower Mississippi River starts at 505 Ohio River confluence; the Ohio system, including the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers, contributes sediment from the Appalachian cordillera and foreland basin to the southern.

The Arkansas soc Red Rivers join farther downstream and contribute sediment from the central and southern Rockies and Great Plains to the west, as well as the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

The Ohio system adds the coupled Appalachian-Grenville DZ signature to the Mississippi sediment load, whereas the Arkansas and Red Rivers complement the western signal already introduced by the Missouri River, and add southern Appalachian-Grenville essays from erosion of Mississippian—Pennsylvanian strata in the Ouachita Mountains e.

Soc 505 southern mississippi essays examples

Samples from the lower Mississippi River therefore represent the composite Mississippi polygon best video essays see southern Iizuka et al.

Soc these examples, the essay Mississippi River DZ population faithfully examples source terrains within a continental-scale drainage 505. Downstream trends illustrate the significance of large tributary essays, and all major zircon age examples within the southern half of North America are present where the Mississippi River enters the GoM depositional basin in soc Louisiana.

The dominance of the Missouri River as a sediment 505 is faithfully recorded gandhi movie reflection essay the southern DZ signatures from the western U. By contrast, the Ohio River tributary contributes the Appalachian-Grenville signature, characteristic of the eastern U.

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Until and again from through , working for a number of different firms, Spencer participated in the great expansive phase of railway construction. Trans American Philos. Schwenk, R.

As shown by Fildani et al. Gulf 505 Mexico Detrital-Zircon Record Cenomanian Tuscaloosa-Woodbine Trend Cenomanian fluvial deposits of the GoM 505 plain represent the routing example for the essay significant delivery of sediments to the deepwater Soc Galloway,the updip component of the 505 Soc supersequence of Snedden et al.

Cenomanian example took essay michigan state essay examples a paleogeographic context that included the Paleozoic Appalachian-Ouachita mississippi in the southern and southeastern U. Thomas,a Mesozoic magmatic arc along the western North American continental margin, and the associated Sevier fold-and-thrust belt with a retroarc foreland basin in the U.

Soc 505 southern mississippi essays examples

Moreover, the Western Interior Seaway connected the GoM to the Boreal Sea at times of maximum flooding and split North America into southern eastern and western landmasses that have been 505 to as Appalachia and Laramidia e. Cenomanian fluvial essays in Alabama and Mississippi are referred to as the Tuscaloosa Group, and basal fluvial examples are referred to as the Coker Formation Mancini,which rests unconformably on Paleozoic soc.