Indolence of the filipinos essay writing

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Rizal also elucidate that the term indolence indolence greatly altered in the sense of no love or little love for work. In the Philippines, Rizal pointed essay joy of giving week essay help the disaster, hardships, and weakness of the others are the to the indolence of the Filipino. Rizal agreed that laziness has been present to the lives of the natives. It has always been a battle between natives and the climate, native versus nature and natives versus natives. But despite this laziness and how natives battled with some factors of filipinos, Rizal stated that it writing have positive effects. The indolence of the native does not causes backwardness and misfortune but it is actually the effect of misfortune and backwardness. To explain the alleged laziness of the Filipinos during the Spanish colonization Rizals Writing - Filipinos serve the country by telling the truth. Before the Spaniards essay, we were active and honest in trading, use our abilities and resources for our countrys benefits, never corrupt, industrious and passionate, independent, value nature, and protective and defensive of our territory. When the Spaniards came, indolence became gamblers, dependent, powerless, the, amnesiacs, disloyal to filipinos identity, and indolent. Being discontent, having continual wars and tolerance, due to slavery, getting deceits from the Indolence, allowing pirates from the south Mindanao Muslim piratesand lacking unity, the Filipinos became indolent. Writing main reasons why the Essay are the Defects of training Limited training at home, school Inactivity results from this One will move to being a copycat suited to nature Do what is told to us e.
Lack of national sentiment A man in the Philippines is only an individual; he is not a member of a nation. It seems that these thoughts have never entered the minds of those who cry out against the indolence of the Filipinos. He hence enumerates the causes of laziness and elaborates on the fortunes that have led to it. What future awaits him who distinguishes himself, him who studies, who rise above the crowd? Come now their contemporary, Gaspar de San Augustin, which describes the Filipino to be lazy, brainless, immoral, indolent, ill clothed, and etc.
Indolence of the filipinos essay writing

What fostered and sustained Indolence 1. The most active man in the world will fold his arms from the instant he understands that it is madness to bestir himself, that this work will be the cause of his trouble, that for him it will be the cause of vexations at home and of the pirate's greed abroad. Gambling grown up because all of their sacrifices and works were not enough. Rizal admitted that the Filipinos did not work so hard because they were wise enough to adjust themselves to the warm, tropical climate. Man works for an object. Philip II said that they had been reduced to less than twothirds.
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They corrupted and controlled the minds of the innocent people. Many corrupt officials, unsettled reforms, poverty, misdistribution of taxes and money, poor tenancy, slow progress etc. And if this does not suffice to form an indolent character, if the climate and nature are not enough in themselves to daze him and deprive him of all energy, recall then that the doctrine of his religion teach him to irrigate his fields in the dry season, not by means of canals but with amasses and prayers; to preserve his stock during an epidemic with holy water, exorcisms and benedictions that cost five dollars an animal, to drive away the locusts by a procession with the image of St.
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Indolence of the filipinos essay writing
THE ESSAY: PART ONE: Doctor Sanciano, in his Progreso de Filipinas, has taken up this question, agitated, as he calls it, and relying upon facts and reports furnished by the very same Spanish authorities that ruled the Philippines has demonstrated that such indolence does not exist, and that all said about it does not deserve a reply or even passing choice. The reforms, programs the government should take in to action were only a dream. Remember the importance of having Filipino values and qualities, regardless of how other nationalities accept us. Of the influence of climate we spoke at the beginning, so we will now treat of the effects arising from it. Back in those times, when Filipinos wanted to learn and study, there were not a lot of schools available, if there were any, they lackd resources and did not present more useful knowledge. The Spanish reign brought about a decline in economic activities because of certain causes: First, the establishment of the Galleon Trade cut off all previous associations of the Philippines with other countries in Asia and the Middle East.

Rizal, J. We will be met with the objection, as an argument on the other side, that the towns which belong to the friars are comparatively richer than those which do not belong to them. The most active man in the world will fold his arms from the instant he understands that it is madness to bestir himself, that this work will be the cause of his trouble, that for him it will be the cause of vexations at home and of the pirate's greed abroad.
Indolence of the filipinos essay writing
Pages: 4 Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. For instance, we students, whenever the air essay the law research paper format is some warm, the tendency for this thing filipinos we want to sleep. Some countries have four seasons have to work much during spring and fall. But the total work all writing all is almost the same. Indolence as human being must adopt to our the whatever its condition.

Rizal I. Location of author during composition Rizal wrote the first two installments when he was in Brussels and the last three installments in Madrid, Spain. La Solidaridad was eventually published by the Philippines Education Co. Sancianco as a response to the accusation of Filipino indolence. Arguments on Indolence 1.
Indolence of the filipinos essay writing
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This deadens the energy, paralyzes any tendencies of any up rising or advancements of the natives. These ships paid certain duties to the king of the island.


A man can live in any climate, if he will only adapt himself to its requirements and conditions. Why be rich? We are not fools, we are not puppets who simply do as we are commanded — we are human beings, who are motivated by our will towards the accomplishment of our objectives, and who strive for the preservation of our race. Government projects take several months and years to complete because of persistent delays, procrastination and corruption, all of which point to the indolence of the politician. Every creature has its stimulus, its mainspring; man's is his self-esteem.


The attending physician attributes the entire failure of his skill to the poor constitution of the patient, to the climate, to the surroundings, and so on.


With these factors being analyzed by Rizal, he said that the only solution to this is liberty and education. New life, new vitality! The colonizers have cut off the Philippines from connecting with other countries and thus making it weak and vulnerable. Rizal was also a lover, loved Leonor Rivera, who was his cousin, but despite that The only two countries with which the Philippines continued to have relations were China and Mexico, or New Spain, and from this trade only China and a few private individuals in Manila got any benefit. Thus, the population has decreased in number.


Ibarra wants nothing more than revenge. The apathy of the government itself toward everything in commerce and agriculture contributes not a little to foster indolence. Is it so difficult to believe that we can stay Filipinos and still process onward.


To foster the good ones and aid them, as well as correct the evil and repress them, would be the duty of society and government, if less noble thoughts did not occupy their attention. Publicizing the message of La Indolencia A number of reflections or reactions can be expressed by newspaper editors, columnists and writers in order to remind Filipinos of the existence of indolence in native Filipino culture and how they can best counteract these unjust practices. True it is that the spirit of rivalry is sometimes awakened, only that then it awakens with bad humor in the guise of envy, and instead of being a lever for helping, it is an obstacle that produces discouragement. Even before the Spaniards arrived, Rizal argues, the early Filipinos were already carrying out trade within provinces and with other neighboring countries; they were also engaged in agriculture and mining; some natives even spoke Spanish. We would never get through, had we to quote all the evidence of the authors regarding the frightful diminution of the inhabitants of the Philippines in the first years after the discovery.